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BEAUTY PHILOSOPHY is a place where you can find high-quality and useful cosmetics for any skin type.
The company distributes cosmetic products of middle and premium segments.
Only brands with a unique natural composition and high efficiency.

We exclusively represent the following brands
on the Russian market:

PuraVida BIO (Italy)
ACCOJE (Korea)

It's 2013 as Natalie Franz, a renowned celebrity make-up artist, finally decides to launch a product that was about to spark the magic into the lives of many busy people worldwide.

The concept behind products is to bring the best and fastest results in the shortest time possible: from the immediate eyelid lifting against droopy eyelids to the innovative Deep Detox and Magnetic Youth facial masks. The invisible eyelid tape against droopy eyelids is invisible and available in three sizes. This awarded products are produced without animal testing, paraben free, and tested dermatologically excellent.

We believe in magic – it's time you do, too.

ACCOJE is naturalism cosmetic brand, the name of which embodies the promise to "give the most cherished things" from the pristine environment of Jeju and also means "fine" or "beautiful" in Jeju dialect.

ACCOJE aims to resolve various skin problems so that the customers can gain healthier and more beautiful skin. To this end, optimum formulas, which exclude harmful chemical substances, are created based on research and development to take advantage of the benefits offered by natural ingredients obtained from Jeju.

All products of ACCOJE are made of natural plant extracts and ingredients that are grown and produced in Jeju. In addition, the entire production process takes place in Jeju from cultivating the ingredients to producing the complete product. ACCOJE products are truly made in Jeju cosmetics of Jeju's nature.

11 types of skin care products including toner, emulsion, cream, and sheet mask. ACCOJE products (Whitening line, Reviving line, Anti-aging line, Protective line, and Hydrating aqua line) were certified by Jeju Cosmetic Cert.
PuraVida BIO
Puravida Bio is an Eco Bio Cosmetics product line based on certified organic ingredients. The use of genuinely natural ingredients in the formulation, produced in accordance with the specific guidelines that regulate organic cultivation, in combination with cutting-edge science and technology result in high quality, extremely safe products, dermatologically and nickel tested, with no parabens, effective with no compromise.

Alce Nero is a collective Italian brand of over 1.000 growers who have chosen to cultivate according to organic farming methods: respecting the environment and refusing to use chemical substances. For over 30 years they have produced genuine, good and healthy food and now provide the base ingredients of the Eco Bio Cosmetics Puravida Bio products!
New in the skin care market!

Warming BEAUTY POINT mask with acupuncture massage effect for skin glow.

By using the mask together with special warming patches, you increase the temperature of the skin. Metabolic processes are accelerated and the components of the mask are absorbed much more intensively, raising the skin temperature to the level of body temperature.
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